The Christmas holidays end, we return to work. We find naked and messy vines, low, freezing temperatures, and it is time to start pruning. It is a respectful pruning, respecting the vine, the plant… a pruning which will help the vine to grow healthier, last longer, and have a better production.

In Mas Martinet, we have been focusing on respectful pruning for a long time. Its goal is still regulating the development of the plant but trying to make cuttings at a further distance from the trunk and on the younger wood of the vine. The idea is to cause smaller wounds which are easier to heal and avoid possible diseases, such as Esca.

It is not a simple process, and it requires knowledge and practise. For this reason, we are periodically trained by the best professionals. The whole team participates in the training. It consists of some days which enable us to stop and think about why we do what we do, and we also try to think about one of the most important tasks in the vineyard. The purpose of it is to carry out a pruning consciously and get the maximum benefits: healthier and more resistant vines, and consequently, better quality grapes.

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