Clos Martinet is the Priorat of the 1980s. The wine of those who believed in terroir and put all their efforts in taking care of the process and the shape… It is the wine of the previous generation.

Different varieties from different orientations and locations. It goes through cement tanks, demijohns, French oak barrels, foudres and clay jars to understand its full complexity.

A deep, warm, tasty and elegant wine. The most classical and recognisable Priorat.


Martinet Bru is the door to Priorat. It is a wine of our times, more accessible in every sense.

The estates where it comes from receive the south-west wind called garbinada, a humid sea breeze known for cooling the last hours of the hottest summer afternoons and helping to obtain slower and more extended ripening.

A modern, nice, appetising and fresh wine, but with the typical structure and minerality of our region. The most drinkable slope in Priorat.


Camí Pesseroles is the reflex of its location, the ancient mountain road from Gratallops to Porrera, where you sink knee-deep into the slate. It is also the reflex of that old Cariñena, which is more than 80 years old, and a younger 30-year-old Garnacha.

A wine that we ferment in open chestnut barrels, and that we also age in chestnut wood and demijohns.

Pure minerality and rusticity, a tribute to Priorat in the 1950s, right during the post-civil war period and the industrial revolution.


Els Escurçons is a tribute to Priorat before the phylloxera, when people worked in the higher parts and mainly the Garnacha.

100% Garnacha from a vineyard at a height of 600 meters. The highest estate of Priorat on a ferruginous slate-containing land. An exceptionally fine and elegant wine that shows the nicest slope of Priorat.
Fermented in clay, and also aged in clay and demijohns. It is a wine that escapes from the typical structure, strength and rusticity of Priorat in order to offer the lightness, delicacy and maturity of the old wines.


A very special wine, a tribute to history and the traditional way of producing rancio wine in Priorat.

Un 100% natural sweet Garnacha aged in very old barrels which are more than 100 years old, and with their centenary mothers. The first bottling of this wine was done after 20 years of ageing.

A delicate and very appetising jewel, but also exceptionally fine and balanced


Pesseroles Brisat is an emotional journey to recovery of orange wines, white grape wines macerated with the skin.

It is a traditional, handmade wine with a slow and cold fermentation. It is macerated with the skin for 3 months, and then aged for a long time in a glazed ceramic jar and demijohns.

It is a wine with a strong structure in the mouth and oxidation notes that show the great ageing capacity of the southern Mediterranean wite wines.

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