clos martinet

Clos Martinet comes from the plots of the estate of Mas d’en Martinet, located in the wine area of the town of Gratallops. The land, which contains slate, and the different exposures of the vineyard give this wine the typicality of an estate every year.

Garnatxa Negra, Cariñnyena, Garnatxa Peluda and Sirà, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Martinet Bru

Martinet Bru comes, in part, from an estate called Mas Seró, located in the area of Masos de Falset, the estate of Serra Alta, at a height of 400 m and facing the south-west, and an estate located in Torroja, which is colder and deeper.

Garnatxa Negra, Carinyena, Sirà, and a little bit of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

camí pesseroles

Camí Pesseroles comes every year from the 3 plots that we have at the side of the ancient road between Gratallops and Torroja, which has the same noun.

The crumbled slate-containing land, the farming in slopes, and the age of the vineyard (which is more than 80 years old) give this wine its specific typicality.

els escurçons

Els Escurçons is a wine exclusively made from Garnatxa negra from the estate with the same noun, located in the wine area of the town of Gratallops, in the geographic location of Serra Alta..

The land, which contains ferruginous slate, the 601 meters height, and the south and south-western exposure of the vineyard give this wine a unique personality.

pesseroles brisat

Pesseroles Brisat comes from the white wine state that we have at the road of Pesseroles. Planted in 2002, and with traditional varieties from Priorat, such as Picapoll blanc, Pedro Ximenez and Garnatxa blanca. The crumbled slate-containing land of the vineyards at the side of the road of Pesseroles features a subsoil with more presence of clay than in other estates, which makes it a wine with a great structure.

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