Gemma is the person who writes all this to you. In other words, I keep the Blog of Mas Martinet alive, and I am also the person in charge of receiving you in the winery if you come to visit it. I am a talkative and easy-going person, and I will receive you as well as possible so that you leave with a good memory of your experience.

It was not an easy choice, but I finally chose one of the best places to enjoy the vastness of the landscape of Priorat. The place chosen is La Mola de Sant Pau, in La Figuera, where the Sant Pau hermitage is located, and from where people say that you can have a view of six regions (Tarragona, Lleida, Saragossa, Castellón, Teruel and Huesca). In fact, if you look northwards, you can see the Pyrenees, the Segre river area, Les Garrigues, Els Ports, the Maestrazgo and Aragón.

But near the hermitage, at a distance of only 500 m and with a much easier access, we get to the place where, during the Civil War, there was the viewing point of the Battle of the Ebro, a control point of the high command or the republican army. From there, you can see up to 40 kilometres of the river Ebro.

It is a trench reinforced with cement, and part of the roof which remains in good condition. And from there, you can have an incredible view of the old battlefields. Behind the viewing point, there are still some walls and dry-stone huts which were used as shelters by the soldiers who stayed there. 

The most shocking thing for me is thinking that, not so many years ago, from there, the most recent and cruel war that has ever taken place in our lands was organised. You know how it ended, Franco’s troops took down the viewing point and they settled there during a period of time. Finally, in 1998, this place was recovered, and it was prepared to keep it as a proof of what happened.

A piece of our recent history which does not leave us indifferent, and that we do not forget.

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