The 2021 grape harvest has been an intensive harvest, as almost always, but this year even more. There are usually two phases in a harvest. The first one takes place at the end of August – beginning of September, when the weather is a bit hot, a bit dry… depending on the summer. During the second phase, in mid-September, it starts to rain, and temperatures drop. Some years, we get some rain, other years it doesn’t rain… but there is a temperature drop, autumn begins, with more humidity in the soil, some rain… Two types of wine, the one from the heat and the one from later.

However, there have been 3 phases this year: a short one before the rain, a very long one with a lot of rain, and the end of the harvest with no rain and higher temperatures. An atypical year! A change of weather which has come very early. At the beginning of September, the plants were in full swing, with new leaves… September is usually the moment when the plant is focused on transporting all the sugars to the grapes (the sugar content, which later will be the alcohol content). This year, as the plant was growing and, in a rather young state, the concentration of sugars was low, and so was the alcohol strength. Therefore, this year’s vintage will be marked by an alcoholic strength content. “A year which came difficult and changing, and which, in order to understand it, we needed to have our minds wide open, and also a year which we have tried to take as well as we could and knew” says Sara.

But, despite the difficulties, we feel grateful. A year with a high production is a gift from nature. After some difficult years, especially last year, in which we lost 85% of the harvest, this rain, this youth willingness of the plants, this humidity, this heat, made all the grapes of the plant keep ripening. We only need to understand where the year is going from now on, and we hope to be able to present you a spectacular wine later.
This year, the harvested estates during the rains have a feeling of overwhelming fineness, openness, generosity, they are estates which breath upwards. However, the last ones… concentration, depth. They seem different vintages depending on when they were harvested, the differences in alcoholic strength, expressions, acidity… these are Sara’s words describing the year.

The red wines before the rains, Clos Martinet, Escurçons, Camí Pesseroles and Pesseroles Brisat, during the rains… and Martinet Bru, after the rains, with a higher alcoholic strength.

Clos Martinet 2021 versus Martinet Bru 2021, they will seem wines from different vintages although they come from the same vintage. The Clos has a marked acidity, it doesn’t have too much colour, and it is also of great elegance and complexity. But on the other hand, Martinet Bru will be warmer and less acid, more like a candy…

It is still soon to fully understand it… but someday and with a bit of distance…

And we want to share that day with you, as we did last year. A live tasting, and this time we will be able to send wines to your houses so that you can taste them with us. Save the day in your calendar: 15th December, at 7 p.m.

The wines will be more balanced, and we will enjoy tasting them with you so that you can understand this 2021 vintage from another perspective, our perspective, despite the long way ahead with respect to ageing.

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