The pandemic has made us rethink some things and especially prioritize. We know that nothing is forever and that overnight, everything can change. So we need to focus our gaze and change perspective.

It’s been a long time since we thought we should make a website. Yes, we know… we still didn’t have any. And finally, it’s here, we already have it!

It is a simple website, an introduction to the winery, the products and our philosophy. And, most importantly, where you are now, the blog: a space to delve into all those topics that we think may be of interest to share with all of you.
A place we will use to explain what we believe in and why. What we do and how we do it. Who we are and what we spend our time on. Articles, videos, photos, interviews… different formats and different narrators. We and others in tune with us. And all with a common goal: to make you feel part of us too!

Welcome to Mas Martinet blog!

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