Montse is the person who keeps the accounts in Mas Martinet. She is the one who deals with the suppliers and their accounts, the invoices, the banks, and thousands of statements! She does all the things that people don’t see, but which need to be organised and updated for an effective activity of the company. We ask her to choose a place, a route, which represents something special to her, or for which she has a particular preference. She chooses her village, Capçanes, and one of their most emblematic routes: the route of Les Taules. Les Taules is an area in Capçanes, located on the east of the village centre, where you can find a great variety of constructions built with dry stone. It is an area which in the past was grown by the poorest farmers and daily workers who worked the less productive lands. Along the route, we can see slopes, cabins, shelters, pens, tree-guards, a lime kiln, among other things. Different constructions which have received the name of the house of their owners (l’Espardenyer, Mas d’en Francisco…), therefore recovering the names and the fame of the construction and their former owners. A big chance to know this heritage which is so valuable. For Montse, this route is a chance to appreciate the relationship that people had with the nature resulting from their effort and work to survive. Besides, during the toughest months of the pandemic, when people couldn’t leave their municipalities, this route was an inexhaustible source of freedom. You can follow the detailed route on the Turisme del Priorat website.