We started 15 years ago with Josep Lluís, and then Sara and Pere came.
With our eyes and minds open, being able to listen, pay attention to everything happening around us, and do much more. Being able to teach and learn, being able to share.

Soil and sun. Organic matter and minerals. Life and microorganisms.

In Priorat? Yes, in Priorat.
Without tilling? Yes.
But it is a really hot place!
Bio_logical agri_culture.

Plants talk, they tell you what is happening down there.
And microorganisms too? Many of them? In Priorat?

Our eyes and minds remain open
And we talk about energy cycles, that energy transmitted by the Moon, that energy transmitted by life and which moves the world. Bio_dynamics

And how do I know it? Because I feel it and I transmit it, in the vineyard and in the wine.

A transition, another one, a path that continues and does not stop, an endless path.
You can always take another walk there, the most important thing is to have a good base, good pillars.

This is my experience with Mas Martinet, and experience which more dimension every day.
Easy but not simple
Intense but smooth

An example of the fact that there are many ways to work with the soil and with the territory that go beyond what we have always been told, a regenerative agriculture which improves soil fertility, that fertility that we have lost and that we must restore in order to be able to do a logic-dynamic-culture which can be reflected in the environment and in the final product.

And close the cycle again.

The interrelation between life, the vineyard and people has taken a special shape, a continuous dimension in place and time.

Thank you, Josep Ramon (Suelo Vivo) for sharing the path of biofertilisers, reproduction of microorganisms and chromatographies, thighs which are so important for the soil and its health.

Josep Ramon Saiz – Suelo Vivo

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