Today it’s Cesc’s turn. He is the last incorporation to the Mas Martinet team, now a year and a half ago. He is the one who takes care of the wine during the entire process, from when it enters as grapes, until it leaves the winery already bottled to your houses. 

Cesc moved to Priorat some years ago attracted by the world of wine and vine growing. However, wine wasn’t the only thing responsible for this decision. The landscape of the region and, specially, the place that he has chosen to show us was especially important for him too. 

The Forat of Llaberia offered him the peace and the connection to the region that he needed to settle there. It is a place which always makes him feel comfortable because it is an extraordinary viewpoint of the agricultural plain and the mountains surrounding it. Today, the weather seems foggy, but it is exactly this fog which paints the landscape with charm and mystery. 

The Forat is a small cave of 16 m with two entries. To get there, we follow the path of the guerrilla fighter Carrasclet, and after 30 minutes of a brief but very intense climb we get to the viewpoint. The Llaberia mountain chain presents very steep reliefs and big precipices. The calcareous nature of its rocks, eased by human action of the water and the wind, caused the creation of caves and caverns like this one. 

Another to discover for the trekking and wild nature lovers.

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