El cinquè 2012

This wine that you have in your hands, or that you are tasting, is the result of a project that we started to consider in 2003:

Produce wines which express the place of origin of the grapes which have been used to make them.

And what we knew was that we didn’t have to interfere or provide any product in any stage of the winemaking process: fermentation, stabilisation, and ageing.

El cinquè is made with grapes from the vineyard of Mas Martinet in Serra Alta, which are grown in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. And in the winery, we have implemented a new winemaking method based on the application of different physical processes.

The 3 stages of the winemaking process, in which we have changed the methodology, are:

  • Fermentation using infusion: It is a fermentation in a tank which is completely closed, where the skins of the grapes are always immersed in the grape juice.
  • Stabilisation using intermittent mixing: The wine is stabilised with a gentle mix of the lees.
  • Ageing in barrels which are always full: We don’t need to refill the barrels because they are always full.

If you want more information, visit the winemaking section.

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